An Officer And An Ingrate

Constipated Ingrate

As I’m sure my very well-informed and knowledgeable readers (all two of you) know, John McCain has been making some waves in the media with his campaign commercial comparing Barack Obama to notable celebrities Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. By comparing him to the two pop stars, the implications are made that Barack Obama, like the two ladies pictured, is vapid, media-hungry, attention-starved, blonde, lacks substance, caucasian, young, and a former bedmate of Kevin Federline; i.e., completely unfit to lead the nation. (Especially for that last one. Really, Obama? K-Fed? You could do so much better.)

Anyway, the ad itself, along with others in Captain John “Honourable Campaign” McCain’s recent surge (ha!) of negative attack ads aimed squarely at Senator Barack “I Can Walk On Water And Turn Said Water Into Wine While I Am Walking On it” Obama have been garnering a great amount of media attention. Aside from the New York Times article linked above, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and Faux News have all. . .oh, I’m sorry; that should be Fox News. . .have all given this story a great amount of detail and attention, as, I suppose, they should be doing, being “real” journalists and all. I must admit that they have all actually been fair in covering both sides of this issue.

But why hasn’t anyone asked Paris Hilton how she feels about this? Or Britney Spears? Or, perhaps most importantly, Paris Hilton’s parents, who donated $4600 to John McCain’s campaign this year, according to – wait for it – The Daily Show? I mean, really, how would you feel if you donated to a politician’s campaign only to have him hold your beloved daughter up to the world for ridicule and derision as being someone people shouldn’t look up to, respect, or vote for? I’d want my money back, for one thing, and McCain really can’t afford to lose any money right now. (Yes, I know that article is from April. His situation has not improved much since.)

Your Republican Presidential nominee, Americans: hypocrite, liar, fraud, wife-insulter, and now, f*^#ing ingrate.

VS – 8.1.08


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