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Campbell’s Soup And Meltdown Stew

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If, like me, you’re a bit worried about the impending meltdown of the American financial system, worry no more:  someone has a solution!

Unfortunately, it’s Sweden.

The Swedish faced a similar economic crisis in 1992, and dealt with it in a way that returned the grand majority of cash to the taxpayers and tightened up their banking industry.  By draining funds from shareholders first, forcing banks to write down losses, taking ownership of banks, returning the profits of distressed asset sales to the taxpayers, and eventually selling their shares in the banks, the Swedish government turned their economy around at very little cost to the taxpayer.

I say it’s unfortunate that Sweden has that solution in its history not because I have anything against the Swedish.  How could I have anything against the homeland of the Swedish Bikini Team?  It’s unfortunate because we in this country (America) have an administration in office that lacks the smarts to learn from its own mistakes, let alone the wisdom to learn from those of others.

Please, Sweden, send your ambassadors into the White House.  Let them explain to George Dubya and Barack “BS – for Black Superman” Obama and John “BS – for exactly what you think it stands for” McCain how your country saved itself from a financial meltdown.  Maybe they’ll listen, and whichever one shows the wisdom to learn from your mistakes (hint: it won’t be the white guys) is the one that needs to lead this country.

In other news. . .

I am gaining more and more respect for CNN’s Campbell Brown as this campaign goes on.  She’s been ranting like, well, any sane person would in this election season, and I gotta admit, I like it.  Let’s talk a walk through her best recent rants:

Here’s Campbell Brown railing against the GOP campaign’s effort to keep Sarah Palin away from the media:

And here she goes after Bush and Paulson:

And let’s not forget how she made McCain spokesperson Tucker Bounds look even more ridiculous than his name does:

Ah, Campbell Brown.  The hearty soup of your rants is a welcome break from the watery gruel of other cable news correspondents.  Keep speaking out and speaking up; you speak for and to a segment of the population that desperately needs to be heard in the media.

VS – 09.25.08

Prisoners Of McCain

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You know, it would be really funny if Senator John “I Was A POW So I’m Fit To Be President” McCain turned out to be the most pivotal member of a Senate committee that suppressed information about POWS still living in Hanoi as late as 1990, wouldn’t it?

Oh, you know what would make that even funnier? If McCain had sought, in 1990, to defeat a bill that would have required complete transparency from the government and the release of all previously-classified information related to POWS still held in Vietnam?  Oh, that would be hilarious!

But. . .what would make it an absolute scream is if McCain had introduced, written, and sponsored legislation in 1991 that made sure that POW secrets would be kept classified, including all information that could have helped families trying to track down POWs?  And then crippled 1995’s Missing Service Persons Act by removing any criminal penalties for those who knowingly withheld or suppressed information about POWs?  OMG, TOO FKN FUNNY! Right?

If, as Puliter Prize-winning journalist Sydney Schanberg alleges in this article, John “POW” McCain did indeed participate in the cover-up of information about POWs still being held in Hanoi, then he’s worse as a person than I could have ever believed.  Never mind being unfit for the Presidency; he’s not fit to wear a military uniform or give any claim to compassion for his fellow servicemen, if this turns out to be true. Seriously, go read this article.  Right now.  I’ll wait. (Click here to read about a 1997 attempt to restore the gutted portions of the Missing Service Persons Act.)

I was wrong.  It’s not funny.  It’s sad, tragic, and incredibly treacherous.  That’s what happened to our still-missing POWs: they were shoved under a redacted rug by one of their own.

Where is the mainstream media on this?

ABC, to their credit, was busy beating up McCain on This Week With George Stephanopolous. Fox News also got into the “Take A Shot At An Old Man” contest, giving an unbelievable critique of John “I Got Out; I’m Good, Thanks” McCain.

Our POWs deserved better than this.

And all of us – MIA, POW, veterans, civilians, smartarsed bloggers, just plain Americans – deserve better than John McCain.

VS – 09.22.08

John McCain, The Fox-hunter?

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We all know that Sarah Palin likes shooting wolves and taking their forelegs as bounty prizes.

But John McCain has foxes after him. . .or rather, the Fox, as in Fox News.

Barely a day after Sarah Palin’s puff-piece interview with Sean “Can You See The GOP’s Lips Moving When I Talk” Hannity of Fox News, the unfair and unbalanced news channel slapped the McCain “Anything But The Actual Issues” Campaign with a cease-and-desist letter, claiming unlawful use of a Fox News reporter’s voice:

It has come to the attention of Fox News this morning that an ad for the McCain campaign uses the voice of our Correspondent, Major Garrett. We demand that you immediately remove Mr. Garrett’s voice from this ad.


Just. . .wow.  The one media outlet that was definitely on his side, and he just had to go piss them off.

McCain seems to think he can just use whatever songs and voices he wants in his ads.  You’d think he would have learned from CBS’ smacking him over using Katie Couric’s sexism remarks (which were said in relation to Hilary Clinton) to try to drum up a defense for Sarah Palin (I find it blatantly obnoxious that he still has the ad on his site, though it was removed from YouTube) or from any of the numerous recording artists that complained about his unpermitted use of their songs in his campaign.

So, to the long, long laundry list of reasons not to vote for John McCain, I guess we can now add “flagrant and unrepentant copyright infringer.”

What the hell does John McCain still respect?

VS – 09.19.08

Hilary Clinton’s Call To Arms

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In Yesterday’s New York Times, Senator Hilary Clinton issued a call-to-arms for those that supports women’s rights, in an op-ed column about the Bush Administration’s attempt at limiting the options of women’s healthcare.  Read her piece here.

This is not news to me.  I’ve been following this for over a month now, carefully watching this conservative attack on women’s reproductive rights for over a month now, ever since reading the Boston Globe‘s article on the subject (plus Marie Cocco‘s article, as I read in the Ashbury Park Press).  But somehow, it all got lost in the activity over the conventions and the surge of Palin scandals.

Well, since the time for public commentary on this measure is running out (it expires on September 25), now’s the time to speak up.  And why isn’t the mainstream media covering this more or pressing the candidates about it?  Oh, that’s right. . .because they suck.

I’m not going to re-argue Roe v. Wade; it was over and done before I was even so much a twinkle in a glass of Jack Daniel’s.  Besides, no matter what your stance on abortion (which you should feel free to keep to yourself), it is the law in this country that women have a choice and have access to birth control.  As I understand, it is also currently the law in this country that health-service providers inform their patients of all medical options available to the patient, not just the ones that they like.  The new rules would do away with that, allowing doctors and providers to pick and choose which services they want people to receive, according to their own ideologies.  Due to its vague language, it also opens the doors for providers to deny treatment or options to people for any reason they like:  race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, anything.

This is an end-run around two things.

First, it’s an attempt to curb abortion and get around Roe v. Wade, which, let me remind you, is the law.  It sickens me to see our executive branch try to get around the laws it is supposed to be enforcing (and yes, I have been quite ill for the past 8 years, thank you).  How can a patient make an informed choice if the doctor doesn’t give them all the information?  I’ve said it before and I will say it again: denial of information is denial of choice.  It’s even worse than that, because providers won’t be required to prescribe birth control if requested, as the vague rules leave room for the interpretation that birth control is a form of abortion.  If language like that makes it into the law books, it’s not hard to see more laws that in effect overturn Roe v. Wade without actually overturning it (in the same manner that laws banning indoor smoking and adding taxes to cigarettes discourage it without actually making smoking illegal) coming down the Republican pike.  The argument made by the Administration is that this is being done to protect the conscience of the providers and prevent them from providing information and performing services that they find personally distasteful.  I say that they are already protected by one simple maxim:  if you don’t like your job, quit.

Second, it gets around the Declaration Of Geneva, adopted as a revision of the Hippocratic Oath.  While neither is actually obligatory anymore, the majority of medical schools still use some modernized form of the Oath (the classical version bans general practitioners from surgery, abortion, and euthanasia) for students, as a dedication to the causes of medicine and public service.  Whichever version you go with, some form of the following clause, taken from the Declaration of Geneva, is present:

I will not permit considerations of age, disease or disability, creed, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, political affiliation, race, sexual orientation, social standing or any other factor to intervene between my duty and my patient.

Well.  Abortion is certainly a political issue, women are the ones most affected by these new rules (that covers gender), and I would definitely say that religion falls under “any other factor.”  The new rules give the providers who use them a free license to fail in their duty to their patients, and that is a very very bad thing.

To all the women who support this suppression of women’s rights, I can’t help but think of you as being 21st-century kin to the black slaveowners (yes, they existed) of the 1800s – eagerly participating in the oppression of those most like yourselves, hiding behind religion, the other greatest tool for oppressing women worldwide, as a reasoning for your actions. . .and a reason that has no place in a country where church and state are separate.  At least the black slaveowners were in it for money.

It’s a free country, for all its citizens.  Let’s keep it that way.  Speak up; don’t let your rights be taken away by religious fundamentalists. . .of any nationality.

VS – 09.19.08

Tears From Gas, Balls Of Brass, Hypocrisy: It’s The RNC! (While I Was Sleeping, Part Three)

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I had actually planned to cover the RNC night-by-night in several separate posts, because there was just so much inherent wrongness in the proceedings that it would have taken several blog posts to cover it all.

However, due to time constraints and my own impatience to cover more current events, I’m just going to sum it up day-by-day and move on to all the stuff that’s happened since I started playing catch-up.

Suspension of disbelief is required. . .you won’t believe the things they said and somehow got away with.

Ready, Republicans?  On your mark. . .get set. . .go viciously and hypocritically attack your opponents without proposing solutions to or even discussing the major issues affecting Americans today!

Monday, September First

Monday was a bit of a slow day for the RNC, since Republican leaders were busy either being in Louisiana for Hurrican Gustav or busy talking about Hurricane Gustav on TV.  The poor delegates were left at the XCel Center, clueless and leaderless, because, as one delegate put it, “some people are getting rained on.”  Believe it or not, that was one of the most compassionate statements heard all week from the Convention.

Adding to the distractions from the Convention: Sarah Palin’s possible ethics violation in trying to get her ex-brother-in-law fired and the revelation that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant.  Does it strike anyone else as slightly hypocritical that the party that brought us abstinence-only education, whether we wanted it or not, is rallying behind someone for whom it failed miserably?

(By the way, in that Troopergate article, mention is made that Palin has “has a proven record championing transparency in government”.  What bullshit.  Even as mayor of Wasilla, she ordered city employees not to talk to the press, our best apparatus for ensuring a transparent government.  As governor of Alaska, she used, and encouraged her cohorts to use, private email accounts for state business, in an attempt to prevent those communications from being subpoenaed.  Think I’m making that up?  Click here.)

The best action was the protests around the convention, where, due the lack of major activity at the convention, police were forced to make their own fun by tear-gassing and pepper-spraying protesters, including Brendan Kiley, a reporter for Seattle weekly news magazine The Stranger.  I’m sure that both his pepper-spray shower and the $1.9 million that St. Paul police spent on tear gas and pepper spray for the RNC were well-deserved.

So, as I said, a quiet first night for the convention. . .well, except for the lobbyist parties.  I’m glad that the lobbyists and delegates listened to McCain’s request and kept things toned down.  Jerks.

And if you’re like me, and wondered why the GOP picked St. Paul for the convention, well, wonder no more:  The Daily Show knows why.

Tuesday, September Second

RNC Theme For The Night:  John McCain, The Complete Sellout He Is and The S.O.B. That Barack Obama Is

The night began with a speech by current president and nominal leader of the Republican Party, George W. Bush (in case you’ve forgotten who he is, as the RNC seems to be trying to do).  I am a bit, um, befuddled by Bush’s speaking at the convention.  After all, isn’t all he what the McCain campaign is rallying about changing from?  When they talk about the bad governing of the past eight years, isn’t he the person who was in charge of it?  So they’re having him speak in favor of McCain?  The only way that this could make sense is if someone came up with a way to blame someone other than Bush and his Republican-controlled Congress (until 2006) for the problems of this country.  But you’d have to be a complete bullshit artist to do that.

Of great interest is this part of Bush’s speech: “When he takes office next January, John will have an outstanding leader at his side. America will have a strong and principled vice president in the Governor of the great state of Alaska, Sarah Palin.”  Ummm, what?  McCain’s going for President here; isn’t he supposed to be the “outstanding leader” of the two?  And I believe Bush when he says that Sarah Palin is an outstanding leader as much a I believed him when he said there were WMDs in Iraq.

We (as in me and the people who read this blog regularly) all know that I love The Daily Show. But they really, really outdid themselves with the comparison of Tuesday’s RNC speakers, Fred “If I’d Won, Sam Waterston Would Have Run Against Me” Thompson and and Joe “Backstabbing Without Even So Much As A Reacharound” Lieberman to cartoon characters Foghorn Leghorn and Droopy Dog, respectfully.  It’s a Moment of Satirical Brilliance, truly.

So what did Senator Leghorn actually say, I said, say?  Well, I just linked you to the speech right there, so you can read it in its entirety, if you want.  As for me, I’m just going to briefly touch on its most prominent lie, with some help from

Thompson repeated misleading claims about Obama’s tax program, saying it would bring “one of the largest tax increases in American history.” But as increases go, Obama’s package is hardly a history-maker. It would raise taxes for families with incomes above $250,000. Most people would see a cut.

That Obama is certainly out to fool us!  How dare he propose the majority of Americans take a tax cut while slightly increasing capital gains and dividend taxes and closing the loopholes that allow corporations to get away with paying barely any taxes at all!  He must think we’re stupid, if he thinks we’re just going to let him waltz into the White House and leave us with more money in our pocket!

And Senator Droopy?  Surely, as  former Democrat, he wouldn’t have taken part in the partisan lying and mudslinging, right?

WRONG! Oh, so, so wrong!

Droopy Lieberman (which sounds like something that a man should see a urologist about) took his brush, dipped it in GOP-approved slime, and happily slathered Barack Obama with a healthy coating of crap.

Lieberman said Obama hadn’t “reached across party lines” to accomplish “anything significant,” though Obama has teamed with GOP Sens. Tom Coburn and Richard Lugar to pass laws enhancing government transparency and curtailing the proliferation of nuclear and conventional weapons.

Hey, I thought government transparency was Palin’s department. . .

Lieberman also accused Obama of “voting to cut off funding for our American troops on the battlefield.” But Obama’s only vote against a war-funding bill came after Bush vetoed a version of the bill Obama had supported – and McCain urged the veto.

Sigh.  Oh, Droopy, when you get back into the Senate, the Democrats are gonna treat you like shit, and your own legislative director will quit, and you’ll deserve it. . .but will you even hear it over the jingling pieces of silver in your pocket?

One more thing I want to share:  Karl Rove, Bill O’Reilly, pundit Dick “My First Name Says It All” Morris, McCain’s senior policy adviser Nancy Pfotenhauer, and Sarah Palin herself starring in a gender-card hypocrisy parade, courtesy of The Daily Show.  Seriously, can someone please, for the love of God, tell me why the “real” news sources don’t use clips like these when they actually talk to these people?  Why don’t they make them confront their own hypocrisy? Why?

And where is Dick Cheney?

Wednesday, September Third

RNC Theme For The Night:  Save Us, Sarah Palin, Save Us!

Well, several people spoke that night; all but one were losers in this year’s Republican primaries (or, as Jon Stewart called them, “ghosts of candidates past“).  You’d think that would have made for a much more interesting night than actually happened, wouldn’t you?  You would. . and you’d be wrong!

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who is, in my eyes, the most personally likeable of the Republican candidates (and yes, I’ve met him personally), delivered a. . .well, a pretty blah speech, really.  It was almost like he didn’t want to give the speech, somehow.  In addition to his speaking woes, he’s also bad at math:

Huckabee told conventioneers and TV viewers that Palin got more votes when she ran for mayor of Wasilla than Biden did running for president. Not even close. The tally: Biden, 79,754, despite withdrawing from the race after the Iowa caucuses. Palin, 909 in her 1999 race, 651 in 1996.

Then there’s Mitt Romney, who I am convinced is actually a robot.  His hair absolutely never moves, his teeth are entirely too perfect, and his voice never changes.  I fully expected him to step outside of the XCel Center, start mowing down protesters with his laser eye-beams, and eventually have to be stopped by Superman.  He scares me.  Moving on.

Next up, former NYC mayor and Republican presidential hopeful “9/11” Rudy “9/11” Giuliani “9/11” gave his “9/11” speech.  If you’ve “911” made it this far “9/11” into this paragraph, then “9/11” you know what a typical “9/11” Giuliani speech is “9/11” like.  However, he managed to restrain “9/11” himself that night, holding out for an entire 13 minutes and 57 seconds into his speech before mentioning 9/11.  (However, I firmly believe his legs, hidden by the podium, were trembling from 9/11 withdrawal.)  He didn’t screw up too badly, though; he did call John McCain a fighter pilot when he, in fact, flew bombers, and distorted Obama’s reaction to the events in Georgia to make them seem different from McCain, when in fact both of them called for the UN Security Council to step in, as did the White House.  As far as speeches for that convention went, it was one of the more honest ones.

And then it was time for Sarah Palin to speak.

She was late for her speech; she’d been busy outside shooting protestors from a helicopter and then dragging their bodies inside to field-dress them, but once she got cleaned up, she came in and gave a speech that would be inspiring, encouraging, heartwarming, and persuasive to anyone with less than three functional brain cells.  To the rest of us, it sounded like this: niceties, joke, joke, lie, lie, joke, lie, joke, family, lie, blatant hypocrisy, partisan attack, lie, denigration of community organizers, lie, partisan attack, attack, lie, praise McCain, joke, lie, lie. had a field day with her speech; I’m just going to hit the low notes:

  1. Lied about her flip-flop on the Bridge to Nowhere (again)
  2. Lied about Barack Obama’s record on ethics reform; she dismissed legislation he cosponsored as not being “major law or even reform” though it led to major changes in how lobbyists can legally operate in Washington
  3. Misrepresented Obama’s tax plans as increasing income taxes for everyone when they would actually cut taxes for 81.3% of Americans (but she didn’t misrepresent as badly as McCain, who outright lied)
  4. Lied in saying Obama is against producing more energy; he isn’t and isn’t even against increased drilling, within limits
  5. Mocked Obama for being willing to meet with the heads of “terrorist nations” without preconditions, something that even the Bush Administration is now embracing (presumably they’ve learned that aggressive saber-rattling and pre-emptive invasions only get you hated more)
  6. Lied in saying that Barack Obama is worried that suspected terrorists won’t be read their rights; in fact, he hasn’t said anything to that effect but has supported the rights of detainees to challenge their incarceration in federal court, a decision that the Supreme Court made earlier this year.
  7. Lied about building a gas pipeline in Alaska, which the oil companies opposed due to its prohibitive expense, and used that difference to back her claim of “opposing Big Oil.”  The pipeline she wants built isn’t past even the planning stages yet, and it’s not a certain deal yet.  Meanwhile, the oil companies actually do want a pipeline, and Conoco and BP have started work on plans to compete with hers, but she wanted one big enough for the oil companies that are already there plus room for new companies to come in.  Not so much a matter of disagreement as it is the oil companies wanting to keep their monopoly and Sarah Palin wanting to bring in more companies for more revenue.
  8. Lied about standing up to oil companies.  Other than the disagreement over the pipeline, they’ve been in alignment on every other issue, including offshore drilling and opening up the Arctic National Widlife Reserve for drilling.
  9. Mocked Obama’s experience as a community organizer. . .which, aside from being ignorant as to what community organizers do (they have responsibilities, you know), is also hypocritical, given that one of the themes of the Convention itself was Service, and that is what Obama did as an organizer:  he served his community.

My bullshit meter just exploded.  And now I have outrage fatigue.

Sarah Palin’s speech was of course met with many cheers and howls of applause from the moronic idiotic conservative crowd in attendance, as if they were either too stupid to know that she’d just lied her ass off or so desperate to stay in power that they’d follow her off a cliff.  (Hint:  it’s desperation.)

Which finally, finally, brings us to. . .

Thursday, September Fourth

Theme For The Night:  If You Missed Last Night, You Missed All The Good Stuff

Look, Cindy McCain spoke, then John McCain spoke.  If you want to know what he said, click here.  If you want to know what lies he told, click here.  I can sum it up like this:

  • All the same lies he’s told before.
  • None of the excitement of Sarah Palin’s speech.
  • Some idiot made the mistake of scheduling McCain’s speech on same night as the opening night of the regular football season. . .it’s like they wanted nobody to watch this speech.
  • Reminded us that “POW” is to “McCain” as “9/11” is to “Giuliani.”
  • Railed against “constant partisan rancor.”  Hey, John, did you actually watch the preceding three days of your own convention?  It was full of the partisan rancor and mudslinging you’re talking about in your speech!  If I may make a suggestion:  start getting rid of partisan rancor by taping Palin’s mouth shut.
  • Ended his speech by urging all Americans to “stand up to defend our countries from its enemies.”  Well, Mr. McCain, I’ll be doing exactly that when I vote for Barack Obama, instead of the party that’s ruined America over the past 8 years.

Man, I’m just tired now. . .but that’s the RNC, covered, over, and, thank God, done.

Next time. . .oh, who knows.  I’m like two weeks behind on news right now.  I’ll think of something.

VS – 09.15.08

Ghosts Of Ground Zero

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Seven years ago today, my day started in a most unusual manner.

I was woken up by a frantic phone call from my roommate, who was at work.  She urged me to turn on the TV, which I did.

While I was sleeping, the whole world had changed.

After working at my friend’s comic-book shop while he went to go give blood, I came home and spent the evening standing outside smoking with a visiting friend, watching F-16s fly over the house and wondering, apprehensively, what was going to happen next.

I didn’t know that two wars would come out of that day, one just and one unjust.

I didn’t know that freedoms would be curtailed, our government would start domestic spying operations, torture would become the rule of the day for prisoners of the “War On Terror,” and sleazy, crooked politicians would glide into and keep undeserved offices by doing little more than playing on our fears and labeling anyone that disagreed with them as unpatriotic.

In short, I did not know how much that day would change this country, and not for the better.

That day, we were told that the terrorists who had committed such heinous acts had done so with the intention of ruining America; of crushing our freedoms, reducing our international standing in the world, hurting our economy.

Seven years later, all of those things have happened.

But not by their hands.

Instead, our current sorry state of affairs was brought about by politicians willing to exploit the tragedies of that day for their own gain, be it political, monetary, or simply just ego.  That date became a mantra for politicians with nothing else of substance to say, and they rode the words right into Congress and used them to keep control of our government.

The words “we will never forget” were bandied about very much in the days and months after the attack.  We have not by any means forgotten the dead, but we have forgotten the lessons that should have been learned from that day and kept a tight grip on the terror, on the fear we felt, and somehow forgot to be wary of those who, on that very day, were already plotting ways to exploit that fear and use it for their own destructive purposes.

250,000 Iraqi civilians are dead and many more wounded in retaliation for an act perpetrated by absolutely none of their countrymen.  Saudi Arabia, where 15 of the 19 hijackers originated, goes completely untouched, and Osama bin Laden is sitting in a cave somewhere and laughing at how our own elected officials did far more damage to this country than he could have with a hundred hijackers.

I used to write poems about America; about the American Dream and the American people.  I stopped after that day.  America had already begun to transform into something unrecognizable to people like me, who loved the American Dream and believed in it whole-heartedly.

That day, I didn’t know that I would stop writing those poems.  I didn’t know America would change so much, that the Dream would be so shattered. . .nor that the ultimate destruction would come from within, not from without.

Seven years ago, I had absolutely no idea that I’d be sitting here today wondering how the ghosts of Ground Zero feel about us now.  Do they feel they were righteously avenged?  Do they feel their deaths served no better purpose than advancing the agendas of the corrupt, the power-hungry, the money-greedy, the weak and cowardly?  Are they proud of us?

I don’t know.  I only know that I feel that we have not done right by them.

And I hope the ghosts of Ground Zero will forgive us.

VS – 09.11.08

Breaking News (While I Was Sleeping, Interruption)

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The GOP is trying to block people from voting in Michigan, with a legally questionable and morally reprehensible tactic.

Read the whole story here.

I’m with Arianna Huffington here. . .Obama needs to get outraged, and he needs to do it yesterday.  I already like his calm, reasonable attitude. . .now we need to see some fire!

VS – 09.10.08