John McCain, The Fox-hunter?

We all know that Sarah Palin likes shooting wolves and taking their forelegs as bounty prizes.

But John McCain has foxes after him. . .or rather, the Fox, as in Fox News.

Barely a day after Sarah Palin’s puff-piece interview with Sean “Can You See The GOP’s Lips Moving When I Talk” Hannity of Fox News, the unfair and unbalanced news channel slapped the McCain “Anything But The Actual Issues” Campaign with a cease-and-desist letter, claiming unlawful use of a Fox News reporter’s voice:

It has come to the attention of Fox News this morning that an ad for the McCain campaign uses the voice of our Correspondent, Major Garrett. We demand that you immediately remove Mr. Garrett’s voice from this ad.


Just. . .wow.  The one media outlet that was definitely on his side, and he just had to go piss them off.

McCain seems to think he can just use whatever songs and voices he wants in his ads.  You’d think he would have learned from CBS’ smacking him over using Katie Couric’s sexism remarks (which were said in relation to Hilary Clinton) to try to drum up a defense for Sarah Palin (I find it blatantly obnoxious that he still has the ad on his site, though it was removed from YouTube) or from any of the numerous recording artists that complained about his unpermitted use of their songs in his campaign.

So, to the long, long laundry list of reasons not to vote for John McCain, I guess we can now add “flagrant and unrepentant copyright infringer.”

What the hell does John McCain still respect?

VS – 09.19.08


One Response to “John McCain, The Fox-hunter?”

  1. It scares me to think this man could become the next president.

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