Prisoners Of McCain

You know, it would be really funny if Senator John “I Was A POW So I’m Fit To Be President” McCain turned out to be the most pivotal member of a Senate committee that suppressed information about POWS still living in Hanoi as late as 1990, wouldn’t it?

Oh, you know what would make that even funnier? If McCain had sought, in 1990, to defeat a bill that would have required complete transparency from the government and the release of all previously-classified information related to POWS still held in Vietnam?  Oh, that would be hilarious!

But. . .what would make it an absolute scream is if McCain had introduced, written, and sponsored legislation in 1991 that made sure that POW secrets would be kept classified, including all information that could have helped families trying to track down POWs?  And then crippled 1995’s Missing Service Persons Act by removing any criminal penalties for those who knowingly withheld or suppressed information about POWs?  OMG, TOO FKN FUNNY! Right?

If, as Puliter Prize-winning journalist Sydney Schanberg alleges in this article, John “POW” McCain did indeed participate in the cover-up of information about POWs still being held in Hanoi, then he’s worse as a person than I could have ever believed.  Never mind being unfit for the Presidency; he’s not fit to wear a military uniform or give any claim to compassion for his fellow servicemen, if this turns out to be true. Seriously, go read this article.  Right now.  I’ll wait. (Click here to read about a 1997 attempt to restore the gutted portions of the Missing Service Persons Act.)

I was wrong.  It’s not funny.  It’s sad, tragic, and incredibly treacherous.  That’s what happened to our still-missing POWs: they were shoved under a redacted rug by one of their own.

Where is the mainstream media on this?

ABC, to their credit, was busy beating up McCain on This Week With George Stephanopolous. Fox News also got into the “Take A Shot At An Old Man” contest, giving an unbelievable critique of John “I Got Out; I’m Good, Thanks” McCain.

Our POWs deserved better than this.

And all of us – MIA, POW, veterans, civilians, smartarsed bloggers, just plain Americans – deserve better than John McCain.

VS – 09.22.08


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