Campbell’s Soup And Meltdown Stew

If, like me, you’re a bit worried about the impending meltdown of the American financial system, worry no more:  someone has a solution!

Unfortunately, it’s Sweden.

The Swedish faced a similar economic crisis in 1992, and dealt with it in a way that returned the grand majority of cash to the taxpayers and tightened up their banking industry.  By draining funds from shareholders first, forcing banks to write down losses, taking ownership of banks, returning the profits of distressed asset sales to the taxpayers, and eventually selling their shares in the banks, the Swedish government turned their economy around at very little cost to the taxpayer.

I say it’s unfortunate that Sweden has that solution in its history not because I have anything against the Swedish.  How could I have anything against the homeland of the Swedish Bikini Team?  It’s unfortunate because we in this country (America) have an administration in office that lacks the smarts to learn from its own mistakes, let alone the wisdom to learn from those of others.

Please, Sweden, send your ambassadors into the White House.  Let them explain to George Dubya and Barack “BS – for Black Superman” Obama and John “BS – for exactly what you think it stands for” McCain how your country saved itself from a financial meltdown.  Maybe they’ll listen, and whichever one shows the wisdom to learn from your mistakes (hint: it won’t be the white guys) is the one that needs to lead this country.

In other news. . .

I am gaining more and more respect for CNN’s Campbell Brown as this campaign goes on.  She’s been ranting like, well, any sane person would in this election season, and I gotta admit, I like it.  Let’s talk a walk through her best recent rants:

Here’s Campbell Brown railing against the GOP campaign’s effort to keep Sarah Palin away from the media:

And here she goes after Bush and Paulson:

And let’s not forget how she made McCain spokesperson Tucker Bounds look even more ridiculous than his name does:

Ah, Campbell Brown.  The hearty soup of your rants is a welcome break from the watery gruel of other cable news correspondents.  Keep speaking out and speaking up; you speak for and to a segment of the population that desperately needs to be heard in the media.

VS – 09.25.08


2 Responses to “Campbell’s Soup And Meltdown Stew”

  1. brocoli-bleach Says:

    this is just too, real

  2. brocoli-bleach Says:

    you need to call Kevin
    this is not a poem
    i bought a piece
    i really love it
    but i don’t have peace
    a place
    to keep it
    pretty, and the funny thing
    you thinking it just lunch
    but HONESTLY
    believe me it’s a Huch
    i bought on at a sell
    1/2 the cost

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