Veteran’s Nay

John McCain is a big supporter of veterans, according to his website, perhaps due to him being a veteran and, I believe a POW (he seems recalcitrant to discuss his POW days).  He majorly supports them in a major way.  According to that page, John “I Love Veterans” McCain:

  • sponsored bills to give special tax relief to deployed service members and to set up overseas savings programs for the men and women fighting in the Gulf War.
  • supported legislation to expand retirement benefits for reservists, supported provisions to expand eligibility for health care benefits for reservists and their families, and sponsored legislation to grant survivor benefit payments to the spouses of reservists who die during or as the result of training.
  • fought to ensure that retired servicemen and women have meaningful access to affordable health care.

That’s pretty good stuff, right?  Except that it’s a complete f(^)%ing lie.

Brandon Friedman, a noted writer and veteran of both Afghanistan and Iraq, did me the favour of compiling a list of every single instance in which John “Turn Around And Bend Over, Veterans, So I Can Show You How Much I love You” McCain opposed measures and legislations that would benefit veterans.  There’s a lotRead the whole thing here.  These are the votes I want to mention in particular, in  which John “Take It, Veterans, Take My Love” McCain voted against veterans:

  • Although McCain told voters at a campaign rally that improving veterans’ health care was his top domestic priority, he voted against increasing funding for veterans’ health care in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.
  • Since arriving in the U.S. Senate in 1987, McCain has voted at least 28 times against ensuring important benefits for America’s veterans, including providing adequate healthcare.
  • McCain voted for an appropriations bill that underfunded the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development by $8.9 billion.
  • McCain did not vote on the GI Bill that will provide better educational opportunities to veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, paying full tuition at in-state schools and living expenses for those who have served at least three years since the 9/11 attacks. McCain said he opposes the bill because he thinks the generous benefits would “encourage more people to leave the military.”

And many, many, many more examples exist on that page.  That’s McCain’s idea of supporting veterans?  Good God, the VietCong did more to support veterans than John “Yeah, Veterans, Feel My Love” McCain did!  At least the VC wanted to give the POWS back after the war (which John McCain also opposed).

Look, my bottom line here is this:  When John “Thanks, Veterans, Here’s $20, Clean Yourself Up A Little” McCain tells you, or me, or the media, or anybody in the world that he supports veterans, he’s lying.  Brandon Friedman proved it.  You need to know it, and if you really care about America’s veterans, whether you are one or not, you need to vote accordingly.

VS – 10.02.08


One Response to “Veteran’s Nay”

  1. I had read that before coming to your blog. While I generally believe anyone can make another person a villian with the right context, this is pretty much dead on. Most weren’t even a rejection because of hopes for something better, but just disinterest because of other pursuits. I think its disgusting that a man can shake with one hand while stabbing with the other.

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