Hope You Have Some Pepto Handy

Got the pink stuff nearby?  You might need it. . .I certainly did.

Voting is a fundamental part of our democracy.  Remember the pre-Revolutionary War slogan “no taxation without representation“?  Voting is our way of assuring ourselves of representation, that we have a voice in government and it will be heard and act in our best interests (ideally).  Voting is our way of making sure the people have the power; after all, elected leaders only serve at the choice and will of the people, and can be removed by the same method (ideally).  Okay, so it’s not a perfect system, but it’s ours, and this is what makes America a true democracy.

So it pisses me off, sickens me, digusts me, and enrages me when I find out that people, specifically a particular political party which shall go unnamed (Guess One Party, if you would), is making attempts at voter suppression; i.e., scaring, intimidating, or misleading voters away from the polls, by a variety of tactics, such as:

  • a false flier circulating in Philadelphia neighborhoods, claiming that undercover police officers will be waiting at the polls to arrest anyone with outstanding warrants or any unpaid parking tickets or other traffic offenses;
  • using home foreclosure lists in Michigan to prevent people who live in foreclosed homes from voting
  • changing the proof of ID rules (and turning away nuns for not having drivers’ licenses!  Actually, that’s kind of funny)
  • making it more difficult to even get to voting places for largely minority areas in Indiana
  • challenging an Ohio law allowing voters to register and file an absentee ballot on the same day that has been on the books since 1981. . .they’ve had plenty of time to fight against it
  • blocking nonprofit groups from registering veterans to vote at VA facilities, a move undertaken by the Veterans Administration, who are supposed to be acting for the rights of veterans!
  • . . .and so many other dirty tricks that there’s a wiki made just to track them

If, by this point, you haven’t been drinking Pepto-Bismol in a manner quite similar to how a wino swigs Thunderbird, you are a stronger, or far more cynical, person than I am.

You know, terrorists, in the Bin Laden vein, only intend to stop you from voting inasmuch as death tends to stop you from doing much of anything.  It’s just incidental to them.  These Good Old People, however, fully intend to stop you from participating in a fundamental part of our governing process!  They seek to deny you a right unquestionably guaranteed for all by our very Constitution!  And they’re not even going to kill you while they’re at it; they’re just going to take away your right to remove them from power and force you to live under their control.

So you tell me. . .who’s really America’s worst enemy?

VS – 10.07.08


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