Two Reasons To Scream

Yeah, I know, like you needed any more.  But it’s real and it’s happening, so check it out. . .oh, and do something about it,  would you?

Thanks For Registering, Now You Can’t Vote

In addition to the aforementioned shenanigans pulled in order to keep people from voting, some state governments are getting in on the act too.  Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, and North Carolina have all taken actions to remove voters from the rolls, actions that are – guess what – illegal.  These are all key battleground states, in which even 1,000 voters could swing the state one way or another in the presidential election, never mind the 37,000 removed from the rolls in Colorado alone.  (Colorado is truly a swing state, having supported Clinton in his first election, Dole in 1996, and Bush in 200 and 2004). I’m sparing you the details of exactly how those removals were illegal; you can read the NYT article just like I did, and you can get just as upset as I did.

My point is, it’s illegal and it needs to be fixed before the general election, before another election is stolen from the American people, by the very people who proclaim to care about what the people want. . .

WTF? (Warning:  Profanity Ahead)

Let me get this straight.  According to the Bush Administration, the United Nations Population Fund in China supports China’s one-child-only family planning program, which has resulted in forced abortions and intimidation of families, including but not limiting to knocking their houses down. Given that assertion, the Bush Administration feels justified in defunding the UNPF. (By the way, John McCain supports that defunding.)  Okay, I think I’ve got it so far.

Because of that, the Bush Administration also feels justified in ordering six African countries to make sure that no American-financed IUDs, birth control pills, condoms, or anything else that could be called a contraceptive device will be supplied to Marie Stopes International, which is a privately-funded British-based aid group that runs clinics in third-world nations.  MSI works with the UNPF, and so Dubya’s Folks believe it’s okay to deny them any assistance.

This almost makes sense. . .except for three things:  (1) The State Department has found no evidence of UNPF involvement in China’s actions, (2) the UNPF has actually been a strong force supporting moderation of China’s policy, and (3) WHAT THE FUCK DOES CHINA’S POLICY HAVE TO DO WITH WOMEN IN AFRICA?

Those contraceptives help women and families in Africa by allowing them to space out their childbirths and prevent the spread of diseases like AIDS in the places hardest hit by them!  Without those contraceptives, women will be forced to either have more abortions and/or face a great risk of dying in childbirth!  MSI, the people who are the experts here, figure that the loss of those contraceptives will cause “62,000 additional abortions and 660 women dying in childbirth” per year!  This is one case where the “Pro-Life Agenda” equals “Pro-Dead Africans!”  And the reasons for doing it are false!  It’s been proven untrue by our State Department!

And what’s the Bush Administration’s answer?  The contraceptives will be rerouted to other aid groups, so no one will be left unprotected.  But, according to Nicholas Kristof, who’s, you know, actually been there, ” in rural areas, there’s typically nothing else for many miles around. Women in the villages simply have no other source of family planning.”

It pisses me off.  It beyond pisses me off; it sends me to the highest levels of pisstivity possible.  I’m super-sick and super-fucking-tired of lofty, selfish, impractical, self-deluded, holier-than-thou ideologues trying to force their beliefs on Americans already, and now they’re fucking up people in other countries too?  What kind of ign’ant bullshit is this?  It’s a trumped-up, completely bullshit reason to push the abstinence-only, pro-life agenda on parts of the world that need fucking help more than they need a Bible and a shiny fucking smile!


All right, I think I got that out now.

I’m going to be writing my congressional representatives today, and making sure more people know about this absolutely ridiculous policy.  What are you going to be doing?

VS – 10.09.08


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