The Final Debate: Bi-Racial Superman* vs. Blinkhelm von Angrypants

I watched the Presidential debate, and didn’t really get much of anything new out of the words they said, aside from John “Cap’n Insane” McCain finally making some of his negative ad allegations to Barack “I’m So Cool, It’s Snowing INside My Thoracic Cavity” Obama’s face, and watching Obama knock them aside like the feeble jabs of a cancer-ridden septuagenarian.  While it definitely was not the “game-changer” that pundits (and even Obama spokesmen) said McCain needed, it didn’t hurt him much, either.  Rather, the words didn’t hurt him.

His actions, on the other hand. . .

Eye-rollingEyebrows raising in disbeliefFrowning.  Blinking 3000 times in 90 minutes. McCain’s face, whose elasticity surprised me, and his body combined to ruin his debate performance.  He oozed contempt, anger, disrespect, and frustration for the last hour of the debate, after he got off to what seemed a pretty good start.  (My best friend explained the blinking thusly:  “It’s past his bedtime.”)

So, who won the debate?  Pollsters everywhere agreed that Barack Obama won the debate pretty handily.  In, the face of McCain’s repeated and often untrue attacks, he remained calm, steadfast, and unruffled.  (To be fair, Obama engaged in a little truth-stretching himself, but not in his attacks.)  Obama might as well have come right out and said what I was thinking:  “I had to fight Hilary Clinton just to get to this point.  You ain’t s***, compared to that.”  McCain, on the other hand, became visibly angered and more flustered as the war of words went on.  It was like watching a fisherman throwing out bait and hooks willy-nilly, trying to land the big fish, but has forgotten the first rule of fishing: be smarter than the fish.

So, the third debate goes to Obama, making him 3-0 for the debate season.  With Biden’s victory in the VP debates, that brings the Obama/Biden ticket to a 4-0 win over McCain/Palin.  Go, Team Obama/Biden!

By the way, the whole “Joe the Plumber” thing is so ludicrous to me that I’m not going to mention him ever again, barring a major development.  That said, it seems he’s not all that McCain touted him to be. . .

VS – 10.17.08

* – I decided to stop calling Barack Obama “Black Superman” and go with the more ethnically-accurate “Bi-Racial Superman.”  The reasoning for this?  In the old days of the South, if you were so much as one-sixteenth black, you were black, no matter what other ethnicities composed your background.  I’m not going to keep that system of dismissive, derogatorily-intended labelling alive.  From here on out, I’ll be referring to Barack Obama as being bi-racial.  If and when my daughter should ever ask me what she is, I’ll tell her the exact same thing. . .and that she needs to be aware and proud of all of her heritage.


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