Crunch Time

I have been reminded that I’ve been remiss in posting anything for the past couple of weeks (by my wonderfully charming best friend) about the impending election.  Truth be told, I was just sick of it.

There’s been a lot of negativity and mudslinging in this campaign, lots of pundits and moutpieces all over the news channels, and it just got to be too much for me.  Not to mention that caring got kinda difficult after I mailed in my absentee ballot.

But now, on the eve of an election that will make (Obama) or break (McCain) America’s future, I’m getting excited about it again.  About 26 hours from now, America will (hopefully) have a new President, either the first biracial President or the oldest President with the least competent Vice-President ever, and America will definitely change.

I’m getting antsy about it, to be honest.

While I’m here, I’d like to speak to my California readers, if I have any:  vote “yes” on Proposition 2.  This proposition will enact stricter, tougher bans on animal cruelty at farms, by phasing out the horrible living conditions these animals are forced to undergo (phasing them out in order to ease the economic burden of, you know, treating animals humanely for a change).  The benefit for humans is that animals with room to grow produce better meat and don’t get sick as often, meaning less growth hormones and antibiotics making their way into outr bloodstream.  America has the habit of following California’s lead (thanks for the anti-smoking laws, jerkholes), so please please please do the right thing here and lead America in phasing out cruel and inhumane treatment of animals.

If you’re not in CA, call somebody there – anybody, just pick a name out of the white pages – and ask them to vote yes on Proposition 2.

Oh, and remember, a vote for Barack Obama is a vote against an addled, inconsistent, possibly senile President with a bad temper. . .and a power-hungry VP with fewer morals than the wolves she supports shooting from airplanes.

See you Wednesday, in a new America. . .or from Canada.

VS – 11.3.08


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