My Letter To My Congresspeople

This is the actual letter that I sent to my Congresspeople, regarding the auto industry bailout.  Since it failed, I guess the fault is mine, though my reasons for opposing it are different than what the GOP gave as theirs.  The first paragraph is what Fuse had in their form; the rest of it is all mine.  Anyway, presented for your approval:

I have serious concerns about Congress passing a bailout of Detroit even while Detroit continues to push lawsuits against the States that are trying to strike down state greenhouse gas laws. My position is simple: NO BAILOUT MONEY UNLESS THE LEGISLATION ENDS DETROIT’S LAWSUITS AGAINST THE CLEAN CARS PROGRAM!
It’s utterly stupefying that the same companies that are taking actions against the concerns of states have the gall to come ask the Federal Government for money.  At the very least, they should drop these lawsuits before they receive a dime of federal money.  Washington is only one of the 13 states that, in acting to clean up the environment, found it self the target of legal actions by these car companies that want taxpayers’ money so badly.  I do not want a dime of my money going towards these companies that are busy fighting these lawsuits in court, and they definitely should not receive any money without first dropping these suits.  If that is not made part of any bailout agreement, then the federal government has just given money to the car companies that will be used to finance their lawsuits against state governments!
It’s time for the Big 3 to learn that Americans are so serious about protecting the environment, we’d rather watch at least one of them fall than give them money to keep fight change, poisoning our environment, and hold tight to our dependence on foreign oil.  It’s way past time that change came to Detroit.


So was I right?  Only Representative Adam Smith responded, with a form letter stating he was out of the office.  Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell have not replied, as of yet.  Senate votes on the bailout were not available as of press time.

VS – 12.14.08


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