Assurances and Apologies

It’s a tough time to be me right now.

Personal issues aside, one of my favourite pasttimes, Republican-bashing, has been made irrelevant and moot by the recent behaviour of the GOP itself.  Their rampant flailing and gnashing of teeth in constant battle on multiple fronts (at the media, at Congressional Democrats, at each other, at the American people, and, in the case of Republican governors, their own state legislatures) make it obvious that while the party isn’t dead yet, it has definitely lost its head and we’re just watching it flab about the barnyard now, in a panic and presumably searching for a new head.

How can I make fun of them when they’re like this?  It’d be like picking on drunken kindergartners:  not wholly without amusement, but decidedly unfair.

Same for the Octomom in California who now has fourteen children (do the Spanish call her “Catorce-Mami”?).  That’s just too sad and pitiful to make fun of. . .and exactly who does she think wants to see 8 children pop out of her body?  I’ve already seen clown cars at the circus. . .huh, I guess I found a way to make fun of her after all.

Anyway.  My point, and I do have one, is that things in the news and current events are so funny and self-parodying on their own that there really hasn’t been a need for me to say anything at all.  It’d be like telling a joke about a joke, which isn’t really my kind of thing.

I assure all my reader(s) that I am in fact still alive, though struggling in the face a dearth of personal issues and news reports that read like I wrote them anyway.  When I find the funny, and by which I mean the informative, helpful, rant-worthy serious-but-funny funny, I’ll come back here.  Let’s hope it’s soon.

VS – 3.06.09


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  1. Hi 🙂 As per your usual, fantastic blogs 🙂

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