Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

So, I’ve been a bit busy in the past few weeks, what with moving again, various and numerous personal crises, allergies, and reading the news (takes up more time than you might think).

However busy I’ve been, however, is nothing compared to whatever deities rule this place have been up to.  Also, I believe said deities may have gone insane.

In recent weeks, Death has been on a star-stricken rampage:  David Carradine, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, Karl Malden, and former NFL quarterback Steve “Air” McNair, along with others.  What happened?  One of my friends is referring to this as a “Star-pocalypse” and thinks it’s a sign of the end times; I think I need new friends.  Still, there is no disputing that Death has been quite the busy little Reaper lately.

And then there’s Iran.  In a nutshell, current Iranian President and professional American President Annoyer Ahmoud Ahmadinejad won the election, despite that less than half the country can remember voting for him.  Feeling cheated, reformers took to the streets, only to discover that “Ahmadinejad” is Persian for “he who issues brutal crackdown orders to loyalist militias,” and peaceful protests were met with great violence.  Nico Pitney of the Huffington Post has been liveblogging the events in Iran since the day after the elections, and I seriously stand in great respect of him for doing not only this blog but for soliciting questions from Iranians to ask President Obama in a press conference.  And Dana Milbank, who was upset that the president called on a blogger who had a question ready from the very people that the President wanted to hear from and speak to, can kiss my ass.  I’ve been reading that blog every day, several times a day, because it does bear watching:  Iran is very very important in the Middle East, and it is far from being the only regime of its type in the world.  What happens there will have repercussions for the Middle East and the world at large; the eyes of the world need to be focussed right there.

I’m a little jealous, too.  When our election was stolen questionable back in 2000, we didn’t get into massive protests or organize rallies or stand in the streets and demand justice.  We let it go.  We stood back and let it get stolen decided by the Supreme Cronies Court. If we’d been as brave, determined, and outraged as those Iranians have been for the past three weeks, our country would probably be a much better place now.  But no, we were busy being fat and happy and lazy and. . .I should probably move on now before I get all rant-y and have to take pills again.

I can’t even stop to take time to beat up the GOP, a favourite habit of mine, because they’ve been so busy  doing it themselves:  South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, a prominent Republican who refused to take stimulus money for his so-poor-it-can’t-pay-attention-to-its-governor’s-whereabouts state, admitted to having a an affair with a Argentian woman.  It kills me how many affairs and sex scandals keep coming out of the “family values” party.

And barely a week later, Alaska governor Sarah Palin, who is no stranger to these pages, announced she would be resigning from her office, effective July 26.  In a shaky, rambling, incoherent, nervous, panicked press conference, the Thrilla From Wasilla announced her plans and blamed the media and bloggers for making it too difficult for her to continue as governor.  This is who needs to be President, folks; someone very thin-skinned and fond of making attacks on others but gets all pissy and quits when they do the same to her.  Shortly thereafter (like an hour or so) it was blogged that there are rumours that Sara Barracuda stepped down to avoid investigations, rumours which have apparently been around for months.  Nevertheless, Sarah declared her intentions to pursue lawsuits against the “most prominent” blogger, Shannyn Moore, and the news organization that posted her blog (yep, it’s. . .wait for it. . .The Huffington Post, which, given what I know of Arianna Huffington, could not be any happier than to have the chance to get Sarah Palin into court).  Speculation also began about whether or not she plans to work on a 2012 Presidential run; I think that after quitting the governorship of one of the least populous states, she’s have to be batshit insane to try to run for President.  “Sarah Palin in 2012:  I Promise, I Won’t Quit This Time!”  Dear God, I wish this woman would just go away.

Hilary Clinton wouldn’t have quit.

So, yeah.  I’ve been busy, and while I was busy, the world apparently went insane.

I almost hate to ask this. . .but. . .what’s next?

VS -7.6.09


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