In Response To Callousness. . .

. . .here is a prime example of why I should probably take time to think before responding.

On CNN’s State of the Union today, Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND) said today, in response to a discussion of a healthcare reform package not being completed and passed before the August Congressional break, that “there really is plenty of time.”


One Google search later, I sent Senator Conrad this letter, through the form on his website:

Dear Senator Conrad,

I read your comment from today’s appearance on “State Of The Union,” to the effect that “there really is plenty of time” for healthcare reform, and was genuinely appalled.  That’s a callous and uncaring remark.  Many families are already suffering from our broken healthcare system; people are being buried under mountains of debt trying to pay their medical bills and either don’t have insurance or have to fight with insurance companies to get coverage, if they don’t get dropped from the company altogether.  Senator Conrad, these people do not have “plenty of time.”  They need help NOW.

Not knowing you at all, I do not want to believe that you are so callous towards people that need help simply because, as some have asserted, “they (meaning the members of the House and Senate) don’t care because they’ve got theirs.”  However, the uncaring, insensitive attitude that there’s no need to rush would seem to give credence to that assertion.  Please prove it wrong.

I am not one of your constituents.  I don’t even know anyone in North Dakota.  Knowing that, you may feel free to ignore me, and probably will.  Ostensibly, I have no effect on whether or not you get re-elected.  But, finding friends in far-off places is what the internet is for, and, being unemployed right now, I honestly have nothing better to do than sit around searching for, and chatting, with people from North Dakota on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Google chat, Yahoo Instant Messenger, Microsoft’s Live network, or even Playstation@Home, finding your constituents and letting them know that, from your own words, their healthcare concerns are not a priority at all to you.

The people have said again and again that healthcare reform is what they want and that it is important to us.  Do the right thing here, please, and help get a reform package together as soon as possible.

Lives literally depend on it.

I probably could have thought that through a little bit better.  But it’s sent now.

If I get a response, or send any more letters, I will certainly keep you posted. . .in the meanwhile, if you’d like to send Senator Conrad a message of your own, click here.

VS – 7.12.09


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