An Uncomfortable Subject (Addendum): Thanks and A Moment Of Brilliance

I just wanted to thank Marcella Chester, who blogs at Abyss2Hope, for giving my blog post “An Uncomfortable Subject” a mention in her most recent edition of her “Carnival Against Sexual Violence.”   The Carnival is updated twice monthly and lists blogs on the subject of rape and sexual crime.  I would recommend a tour of Ms. Chester’s sites; rape needs to be talked about more openly in our society and I am glad to see her and others making that effort to do so.

While I’m back on the subject of assaults (sexual and others), I’d like to point out a Moment Of Brilliance I found while reading over Abyss2Hope.

This Moment came from Amnesty International, which put up an expensive new ad in Germany to help raise awareness of domestic violence.  The ad states, in large letters, “IT HAPPENS WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING,” and features a picture of a happy, smiling couple. . .until one looks away from it.  When one is not looking at the sign directly, the picture is instead of the man in the previous couple beating the woman.  A camera placed within the display detects when someone is looking at the sign and changes the picture accordingly.  Awesome!  I’m not so enraptured with the technology as Amanda Hess, who wrote the article, is, but that’s because I’m a gamer and I know Sony’s EyeToy camera for the PS2, which also reads human motion, came out about five years ago, so it’s really nothing new to me.  The innovative use of feature-reading and motion-sensing cameras is pretty damn cool, though, and I’m thrilled to see it used to spread such an important message.

Utterly brilliant way to get the message across; I tip my bandana to whoever came up with that one.  I wish something similar could be done here, but given the likelihood of the camera being stolen, it seems unlikely.  Maybe someone will come up with a way to achieve the same effect through lenticular art, which is cheaper.

Domestic abuse, date rape, molestation. . .these things happens when no one is looking or, even worse, when no one wants to see.  We have to keep looking, we have to bring these things out into the open, we have to talk about this, because the monsters thrive in the darkness of reason and the silence of shame.

In other news, Oregon is finally fixing its rape law so that rape of a willingly intoxicated person will be legally considered first-degree rape instead of second-degree sex abuse.  Good job, Oregon!  Now learn how to drive (if you live in Seattle, you’ll understand that one) and quit smoking so much weed (Oregon’s weed clouds can be seen from Seattle and often obscure Mount Rainier) and you’ll be on the way to becoming a great state!

One last update:  I have not yet heard back from the local rape center that I applied to as a volunteer.  I’ll let you know when I do.

VS – 7.16.09


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