Sick Leave

You may be wondering why I’ve been so quiet here lately, and, when I have spoken, I have largely avoided political discussions, venturing instead onto the topics of rape, forensics, and other societal issues.

Honestly, politics makes me sick right now.

The health care debate is a large part of that.  Obviously America’s for-profit health care system is broken.  “Reform” is too light a term for what needs to be done; it needs to be shattered and built all over again from the ground up.  But that isn’t likely to happen.

Despite the obviousness of the need for reform, politicians on both sides of the aisle are still tying to stop the legislation from passing.  Don’t get me wrong; some do have legitimate concerns to be addressed, such as those who want to make sure the disparity in Medicare payments between rural doctors and urban doctors is fixed.  I’ve no problem with that.  What irks me, what makes me ill, is those who see defeating these much-needed reforms as a way to politically “break” President Obama (looking you, Eric Cantor) and help themselves get back into power.  Never mind that they had 8 years of being in power, came into office in a prosperous nation, drove it into the ground and started digging – these people are so arrogant and self-consumed that they genuinely believe the best thing for this country is for them to be back in power, despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary.  Never mind that polls still show overwhelming public support for what the President has proposed; it’s more important to tear down the President, and by association his party,  than it is to serve the will of the people that put you in office.  Of course, our elected officials have excellent health care plans, paid for by us, so they’re not really feeling any sort of sting from the broken system.  Maybe we should stop paying for theirs?

Then again, the people that put them in office are the types who are easily swayed by predominant mythologies, can be counted on to vote from their fears, and tend to follow whoever makes them feel good about themselves as opposed to whoever will actually work to improve their situations.  They can be trusted to vote their prejudices and ignorances against their interests, every single time.

Then there’s the health care industry, fighting to kill the legislation so that they can continue their bogodish business as usual.  Do they care how many Americans go bankrupt every year from medical expenses?  What about the number of people who lose health care insurance every day (14,000, last I heard) in this country?  What about the people they shaft every year by denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, throing in hidden fees and clauses, refusing to cover the most effective treatments, or denying claims?  They don’t care about any of that; the people, to them, are just walking money machines.  Take money from them, but don’t give any back.  With the money they’ve spent on fighting health care reform, they could have covered healthcare for thousands of people.  But they’d rather take your money and use it to fight against your best interests.


I’m still paying attention to the debate, of course.  Politics can be a little bit addictive.  But I don’t want to talk about it and I don’t want to blog about it;  it makes me sick and I don’t have health insurance to cover the bills.


VS – 7.26.09

P.S.  For a good explanation of the health care reform packae and what it means to you, click here.


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