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My novel The Burial is now available for Kindle pre-orders!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 5, 2015 by vagabondsaint

The day has finally arrived!  The Burial is available for Kindle pre-orders RIGHT NOW!

I’m nervous and excited and and and just WOOOOT!

The Kindle version drops on July 13! The print version is still in the Createspace review process, but will be available later this month!

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the front cover!


And because Thomas Aiello (author of Jim Crow’s Last Stand, now available) wrote such a freaking sweet blurb, here’s the back cover too!


I’m so excited!  If all goes according to plan, the print version will be available soon!  Also, if you are a Seattle resident, there will be a release party for The Burial on July 25 (God willing)!  Send me a message on Facebook for details!

Thank all of you for being here with me through this publishing venture! It’s been a lot of hard work (more than you know; I haven’t even started putting the trailer together yet), but the publication date is getting close!

More to come soon, especially now that I have more free time!