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Disappointment, Thy Name Is Democrats

Posted in economics, politics with tags , , , , on February 6, 2009 by vagabondsaint

So, the Senate has announced that they’ve reached a compromise stimulus bill, one with major cuts to spending.  The old bill was roughly 2/3 spending, 1/3 tax cuts; the new Senate total fucking sellout compromise bill is now 58% spending, 42% tax cuts. . .and the education spending, as one person put it, took a “walloping.”

You know, I can understand the desire to make sure the bill will pass, and I definitely understand the urgent need to pass it.  Basically, as that story puts it, the changes were made to secure the votes necessary to make the bill filibuster-proof, and I can even understand the desire for that.  With Minnesota’s newly-elected Democratic Senator Al Franken still not seated due to Norm Coleman’s being a whiny little shit dragging out a legal battle over the election results, the Democrats courted four moderate Republicans and made the changes to appease them.  Understandable.

But still fucked up.

We need more spending for education.  Other developing countries are kicking our asses in educational terms.  Even Seattle is closing several schools this year to help make up a budget shortfall.  But cutting education isn’t, and never is, the answer.  Our children need a good education to be competitive in the global job market.  They need education to get good jobs.  Educated people tend to commit fewer crimes, go on the welfare rolls less often, have fewer unplanned pregnancies, and better private health care; ergo, increased funding for education kills many birds with one stone.  Educated people are, in general, a fincanical boon to their country, not a burden, and spending more on education now would not only save us more than we spent down the roads, it would guarantee more productive, tax-paying members of society down the road.  How could anyone oppose spending money for better, more modern schools?  How could anyone look in the eyes of a child with a thirst for knowledge and say, “Sorry, you don’t get new textbooks this year because we had to compromise to prevent a filibuster”?  Oh wait, I forgot. . .lower education spending is always on the Republican agenda (maybe because more educated people tend to vote Democrat?).

And the Democrats sold them out to appease four Republicans.

I’m pissed, and heartbroken.  Somehow, that message of change that an overwhelming majority of Americans voted for got lost between the White House and the halls of Congress.  We all voted for a change from the old ways, not more of the same old bullshit that got us so fucked up in the first place, and we should not stand for petty politics diluting that change.

Every Republican congressperson and every senator that either necessitated the compromise or sold our children out to pass this bill should be hanging their heads in shame right now.

Thanks for selling out my daughter’s future, you fucking pricks.

VS – 2.6.09