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The GOP: God, I Hate You All (with frequent cameo appearances by the f-word)

Posted in politics, the complete opposite of brilliance with tags , , , , on February 5, 2009 by vagabondsaint

You know, when a football team loses a game, they re-evaluate their strategies, their tactics, maybe even their footwear.  They train harder and try harder to beat the next team they have to play against.  In essence, they learn the lesson that they were doing something wrong in that game that they lost and it’s time to make some changes and try again.

Not so, the Republican Party.

Since their trouncing in the 2008 elections (you remember that, when John McCain lost by one vote for every year of his age, giving Barack Obama the largest popular-vote victory in American history), the Republicans have not learned.  They’ve not gotten better.  They haven’t learned that maybe the 21st century demands that they moderate themselves a little bit to be more acceptable to mainstream America, that extremism, be it from the left or the right, is swiftly falling out of favour in today’s world.

Not only have they not learned, they’re being just as much a bunch of stupid old white men, scared of change and determined to punish the poor, as they have ever been.  And they apparently perceive their thew newfound status as the minority party means they have to do everything in their power to block whatever the new administration wants to do.  Never mind the desperate need for action right now, they want to be a bunch of penny-ante piquant little bitches about things like, for example, the stimulus bill’s $200 million dollar provision to provide family planning services for poor women, which the Congressional Budget Office figured would save taxpayers about $400 million in unwanted pregnancies and abortions.  Fewer abortions!  Right there!  Isn’t that what Republicans want?  Apparently they don’t want it bad enough to leave a measly $200 million to help poor people in an $800 billion bill!  God forbid we should give a single fucking penny to help poor people!

But wait, say the Republicans, we think the entire stimulus should be composed of tax breaks!  Yes, tax breaks!  The Republican cure-all for financial woes!  After all, Bush’s tax cuts worked so well that they kept the nation out of the worst depression in 70 years, right?

WRONG! SO FUCKING WRONG! If “right” was a steak dinner at a fancy restaurant with American waiters, “tax breaks” would be the equivalent of dumpster-diving behind Taco Bell; that’s how wrong they are!

Here it is, in plain simple English: tax breaks don’t work.  Sure, if people got out and actually spent the money, they might work, but studies and experience show that people tend to keep it, rather than spend it.  You don’t have to take my word for it; there’s evidence all over the place that tax breaks just don’t fucking work.

But that’s the Old Cranky White Guy party for you; they fear change.  They don’t know how to change.   When the American public mandates change by tossing a goodly number out them out of office, they panic and start looking to a hypocritical demagogue that, in a just world, would have overdosed on oxycontin and Big Macs long ago:  Rush Limbaugh.

Rush fucking Limbaugh.  Mr. “We should all support the President in a time of war” is now Mr. “I Hope Obama Fails!”  What a fucking hypocrite!  That “time of war”?  It ain’t over yet, jackass!  Things are worse now than they were when you were such a “support the President” guy, and now you want the President to fail?  Fuck you, you useless bastard!  All you have to do is sit on your ass and host a radio show!  You don’t have to try to keep 300 million people fed, clothed, and happy while dealing with diplomatic crises and being picked apart by every dipshit with an agenda and a laptop!  Rush Limbaugh shouldn’t be on the radio, he should be [EDITOR’S NOTE:  The rest of this paragraph has been censored.  Be happy you missed it.  The stuff in that paragraph would have made Hannibal Lecter lose his cookies.]

And when in the hell did I get an editor?

Note to Republicans:  listening to Rush Limbaugh helped the GOP in the 1990s.  Listening to Rush Limbaugh in the 21st century will only get you even further marginalized, denigrated,  embarassed, and made more of a laughingstock than you already are.  Fucking idiots.

And as for the new RNC chairman, Michael Steele (which sounds like a porn name; sorry, but it does), I think Jon Stewart described him best.  He makes it obvious in that clip that, despite his messages of “change,” he’s going to keep the GOP doing the same stupid shit that fucked us all when they had control of Congress and the White House.  Their main concern right now isn’t fixing the problems they caused; it’s figuring out how to get back into power so they can keep fucking up America.

For fuck’s sake, America, don’t vote for these goddamned fearful idiots anymore.

I’m a bit pissed at the GOP. . .does it show?

VS – 2.6.09