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Hardball Time

Posted in economics, politics with tags , , , , , , , on February 9, 2009 by vagabondsaint

So, this Senate stimulus package.

Leading economists say that the cuts made to appease 4 moderate Republicans could very well be disastrous to our economy.  You know, economists?  People who have chosen to spend their lives studying the economy, as opposed to being politicians?

I’m going to say this one more time, to Congressional Democrats and the Obama Administration:

Fuck the Republicans.  You have majorities in the House and the Senate.  You do not need their support.  If they want to filibuster the stimulus package, let them.  That delay will most likely harm our economy further if they choose to do so, but that’s their decision and you can be sure they will suffer the consequences of it.  They can read the reports of the same economists that I have, and if they do so (it’s called research, and I would think it’s what any smart politician would do when confronted with an issue they know little about) and still oppose an expanded stimulus based on party principle, then they’ve proven that they care more about sticking to outmoded, obsolete, foolish economic theories that run contrary to empirical evidence than they do the American people, and they do not deserve consideration, appeasement, or votes.

Basically, run the package Obama wants to run.  Remove these idiotic cuts and use your majorities to steamroll the opposition.  The GOP is a bunch of small, selfish, petty people, clinging to a unrealistic worldview, and they need to suffer the consequences of their ridiculous obstinancy to face reality.  Plow them under now so something better can grow in their place, and stop enabling this childish, foolish behaviour from them.  Please.  Remember, these people celebrated not voting for the stimulus bill in the House.  What kind of bullshit is that?

Oh, and a personal note to former Minnesota Norm Coleman, whose legal challenges of Al Franken’s victory are keeping Franken from being seated in the US Senate:  Listen, dick.  If God wanted you to serve, you’d be serving.  You’re not.  Take the fucking hint, jerkhole.

VS – 2.9.09